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Being abroad in Europe for more than a decade beer has been brewed all around us. In our towns, universities, home- cellars, villages closed by. 



We couldn't imagine  coming back home with out remaining involved with brewing. As there was no microbrewery in our town, we decided to establish one. Not only we would be  giving our selves the best job in the world, but we could also give to all the people of our town the privilege and pleasure of enjoying locally brewed beers in a place where they can feel like home; their "own" microbrewery, and a chance to share the pleasure we have been enjoying for many years.


In the beginning we needed a Chemist to think about brewing, a Mathematician to make the calculations, an Athlete for all the running we had to do and somebody to make the art-work. To add to that we brought a friend and well-known Brew Master from the famous Brewing city of Pilsnen to help us set-up the brew-house.





The microbrewery is based in an old Cypriot house of 1910 in the area of Faneromeni in Nicosia. The place has its own magical character and atmosphere which ties in perfectly with the concept of a craft cottage industry. 

At the end of October of 2015, Pivo microbrewery opened it's doors and started serving fresh hand-crafted unfiltered beers straight from the maturation cellar. 

Our independently owned microbrewery was co-founded by four brothers who share their passion for beer, innovation, quality and creativity. 

Beer was always the common beverage of the 4 of us.





A graduate of University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague Christos says that the ideal place for him to study for his final state exams was in a  brewery somewhere in Prague.  He cannot also forget the smell coming from his university's experimental brewery. "The smell of the boiling wort was everywhere in the corridors. You either hate it or love it. I knew that this smell would follow me for the rest of my life".  

Christos has strong theoretical and practical background in all chemical, biological and engineering subjects needed to practically master the multidisciplinary area of brewing technology.  He knows well that beyond art, beer  is a living thing so extra care and skill is needed during the whole process of production. 


Favourite Beer Style: Bohemian Pilsner





The craft movement began in the United Kingdom in the 1970s — although traditional artisan brewing existed in Europe for centuries and subsequently spread to other countries. Breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.


One of our microbrewery's goals is to collaborate  with other small craft-breweries from abroad. We would like to brew new beers based on the knowledge and techniques exchanged and indroduced them to our local customers.


A passionate mathematician who has also a great passion for craft-brewing. After finishing his PhD studies at the department of Engineering Mathematics at the university of Bristol Thanasis could hardly imagine that in a few years time he would establish Nicosia’s first ever microbrewery. Today he enjoys brewing classic and new beer styles for the local scene. "We brew according to our recipes, calculations, know-how and experience. Though there is always something to learn we certainly know well our job behind the brew kettles. And if I had to point out a common thing between brewing and maths? There may be several ways to solve an equation but you should always derive the right result". 


Favourite Beer Style: Bohemian Pilsner for the start, India Pale Ale for the middle & Barley wine to finish with. 


A professional athlete and a rising craft-brewer, Angelos has been fascinated by the world of brewing and the huge possibilities of creating beers for every taste, and different kinds of people. "I believe that there is a beer for everyone. But the most fascinating thing is when people say that they never liked beer before, until they actually try a beer made  with out any filtration or pasteurization. Then they usually change their minds. It's a completely different product. It's the way beer should always taste."

Favourite Beer Style: Czech Semi-dark Lager




The whole concept is based on What You See Is What You Taste. The visitor will have not only the opportunity to taste fresh beer in the microbrewery but also to see all the steps of production and how the raw materials are turned into the beer that flows through the tap.




For us      isn't just a microbrewery. Is a place that works as a defense against the stereotype, is even a place where the most ordinary people are able to improvise and entrust the rhythm of inspiration and imagination. And beer helps in that respect.


Christos's  twin brother Alexis claims that he probably knows more about the language of beer than the languages of Programming he first went to study. "My faculty was located in a beautiful Cartesian monastery, founded in 1375 in Brno-Moravia. During the lectures I took advantage of the atmosphere and studied  brewing books instead, while thinking that monks may brewed beer years ago in that monastery. The thing I knew for sure is that  our dining hall opposite the monastery was before an old Brewery".

Alexis participated  in lectures of Malting and Brewing, Sensory analysis, beer tasting workshops and in beer competitions as well, together with Christos. In January 2017 he has judged beers for World Beer Idol in Czech Republic. He has a deep interest in new hop varieties, yeast and malt types and brewing different styles of beer.


Favorite Beer Style: It depends on the place and person you are drinking with. Otherwise a well hopped Bohemian Pilsner.

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