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A collaboration beer is more than just a beer. It is a meeting of people who love good beer. It is a beer "composition" of different brewsicians who share their knowledge, passion and techniques to create something vivid, something exciting and high quality. For us is also an opportunity to travel, to learn more and meet other experts on the field who share our passion and love for craft brewing.


 "Because beer is not just mixing nice colourful malts in a kettle with water..."   

                              ... It is  much, much, much more than that !                                    


# 1

Collaborative brewery: Vintoperk/Slovakia


Style: Rauchbier (smoked dark lager)

ABV: 4,8%

OG/PLATO: 1.053/13°

Bitterness Units: 30

Special Malts:  Vintoperk beech-wood smoked malt

Hops: Premiant

Availabilty: November 2017

Brewer's notes:

The unique Vintoperk-made rauch malt gives to beer an aroma blend of smoke, wood, bacon and peaty whisky. Nice dry finish.

# 2

Collaborative brewery: TitoBlas/Spain


Style: Belgian IPA

ABV: 6,8%

OG/PLATO: 1.064/16,4°

Bitterness Units: 70

Special Malts:  Rye

Hops: Spain grown Columbus, Summit

Availabilty: April 2018

Brewer's notes:

After meeting in Pivo his Cyprus leaving brother Xavier, brewer Tito took his fresh Spanish hops and came to Cyprus to brew a batch with us. And the rest is history...Find the full taste of this collaboration brew with TitoBlas in your glass.

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