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"Craft Beer should be treated with more care, the care it deserves"

The term Pivo cold chain refers to the series of actions and equipment applied to maintain our beers within a specified low-temperature range from production to consumption. This uninterrupted cold chain of refrigerated maturation, storage and distribution is used to preserve and ensure the shelf life and freshness of all of our beers so that our clients tastes them the way we intended and expected, at the top of their quality. 

Since our establishment back in  2015, we have committed to keeping our bottles and kegs fresh in cold storage below 5º. 
We also distribute our beers to every selling point below 5ºC and they immediately stored cold up to serving.
This unbreakable Cold Chain is incredibly important to us because it guarantees the freshness and original taste degradation manifesting in flavours we don’t intend to ever be in our beers.

"PivoColdchain system guarantees the cold conditions of distribution, storage and serving and that Pivo beers never warmed up"

"We want our craft beers to be enjoyed fresh and unspoiled all around the island. Pivo microbrewery is giving emphasis to the sensitivity and "healthiness" of craft beer so that it can emerge the advantages of non-filtration & non-pasteurization".



"When fresh and properly served, quality craft beer tastes the way the brewer intended and expected: Clean and flavorful with the right characteristic fingerprint for the style."  #PivoColdChain

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